Saturday, April 3, 2010

Today i spent the day celebrating my mom's birthday (happy 51st, mom!). We spent the day at El Mercadito and La Placita Olvera. Both of these shopping centers are primarily mexican vendors. I had the greatest day.
Just being with family has been great, but being able to be myself as a mexican woman has been even better. Today i reveled in being able to eat pozole, watching children dance traditional mexican dances, and be among those that love mexican art, clothing and food. I thought, as i was trying whether or not to buy a traditional dress, how much of a change has happened in the last two years. My second year, i would have never considered that dress... and now i'm looking for any way to express where i come from. God is good (all the time), and the fact that he redeems my identity as a mexican woman from being one i was ashamed of to one that i love and can't help but share with friends.

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