Wednesday, April 21, 2010


i know most of what will come out of this rant will be accusation and pure emotion.
i apologize in advance.

i keep saying that i'm tired and unmotivated.
tonight's no different.
i'm frustrated that people don't value the structures, value Bible study.
don't value that it's a place to speak truth and to hear from jesus amidst
schedules, stress and confusion of school.

then again i'm feeling more frustrated at myself.
i've let this get this way, i haven't pushed for a better study.
i don't really want to.
it's too hard.

i've tried to build community, but my support is lacking.
just gone or withering.
and although i put up the front of a strong leader.
i just wish this were easier, that there were excitement
and that i didn't have to remind everyone of everything.

it's easy to try to give up.
and jesus, You know i want to.
teach me how to be faithful amidst
all of this.


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Kelly said...

Praying for you love. I'm confident that God is working in LaFe whether we can fully see it right now or not. I'm also confident that you're doing an awesome job and are a great teacher. Hang in there...