Sunday, April 25, 2010

crumbling bridges.

crumbling bridges are hard to walk on.

the past few weeks i felt like i was losing my friendships.
 i haven't been as attentive as i've been very self focused.
throwing pity parties for myself and wanting others to baby me...
crumbling bridges are difficult to repair.

i spent a lot of time in my room and not really talking to friends.
trying to re-enter into deep conversations about their lives and what God has been up to...
it was awkward.

i felt the strain and the reminder that friendship is a two-way street. friendship, true friendship, is forged in the day to day... in the messy, ugly and also joyful...
but every aspect is important.

i have limited time left.
time to invest and learn, time to lay a foundation so these friends, brothers and sisters will be in my life forever.
yes, i want them to be aunts, uncles, mentors... the family that i will have as i continue on this journey of life-seeking the permanence of a home, the reflection of jesus in a mate, and the joy of small souls (get it?) running around my home that will be home base.

let the mixing of cement (for the foundation) begin. :)

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