Thursday, April 22, 2010

dancing through life.

i like dancing.
correction, i love to dance.
it gets incorporated into a lot of facets of my life
walking to class,
dance parties when i'm alone in my room,
randomly as i'm standing in someone's living room
dance is a part of me.

i wiggled a lot right after i was born.
nurses couldn't really explain it,
i was born four months early
(yay for preemies)
and they expected me to be still,
moving only when i needed something.
and yet i was wiggling like no other
while laying in the NICU.

one of the nurses mentioned it to my folks,
my dad replied, "she's worshipping God."

as i've grown, i still dance.
the best part of high school was dance class.
finding my voice through movement,
through song.

and as i finally think back to those weeks
after emerging from the womb.
it resonates, clicks.
i am a dancer.

perhaps not a professional one,
or a decent one at ballet,
but my body and soul are complete
as i dance for my Savior.
all the day long.

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Anonymous said...

Chica, let's dance together sometime :]