Sunday, December 2, 2007

Friday's Rain

Something about Friday, November 30th made me extremely happy. I woke up, peeked my head out the window and saw that it was raining. Immediate reaction: I don't like being wet, and walking to class, you really can't avoid it in the rain.
Yet while walking to get tea in the morning before class, realizing I didn't have an umbrella and needed to buy one and finally starting the trek to class, I became really happy; joyful even.
Walking to class with a hum, a bounce in my step... I was extremely happy it was raining, itching to dance in it. I remembered about all the wildfires that have been occurring recently, and I remembered how lovely the rain was. It has been the driest year in the history of California, at least the driest one on record, so we needed a douse of water.
We had had a bonfire at UCLA the night before during the "Beat '$C Parade, Bonfire and Rally", so a fire the day after was more than appropriate. The rain looked more pretty, believe it or not, just because we needed it.
I am reminded more and more of the things around us, looking toward things I usually take for granted, taking time to really observe them and look at why they are special and why they are so important to us.

**So yes, UCLA lost against USC, 24-7. We are still proud to be Bruins at UCLA. :)**