Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm an "Other," apparently.

Census 2010.
"It's in our hands."

The Census upsets me. Clarification: it pissed me off.
I'm fine with being counted. I understand that the United States is trying to count the population of the country.

i just get pretty angry when i read questions 4 and 5.
I especially love the "Note" prefacing both questions.
Note: Please answer BOTH Question 4 about Hispanic origin and Question 5 about race. 
For this census, Hispanic origins are not races.


Question 4 was easy, I am a Mexican woman.

Question 5... not so easy.
What is your race?
I couldn't find one box i could identify with.
What the hell am i supposed to check?!
I frustratingly checked, Other.
But what am i supposed to write in the "Other" slot where i'm asked to fill it in?!

I think so.

I didn't think the Census would cause me to question my identity, or to think so fiercely as to why Hispanic origins should be included as a race.
But it did.
It pushed those buttons, and made me a little sick. We're trying to be so politically correct that we alienate each other, we hurt each other and don't consider what our neighbor might be feeling (or perhaps, having difficulty answering these questions).

Jesus, help us.

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