Thursday, April 15, 2010

i get it.

i was created for justice.
i've read isaiah 61 before, known that the Lord anointed me know.

it kind of hit me earlier though, i was reading Kent Annan's Following Jesus Through the Eye of the Needle, and it just hit me.
I was made to bring justice.

i know the thoughts and images floating through your head are probably of rallies and protests, those aren't the sole ways of justice that i'm thinking about. i'm thinking of justice in the everyday. in the ordinary.

as i was reading Kent Annan's reflections on going to Haiti and later deciding whether he should stay or not, my heart was tugged. i want to see the world changed, for justice to be restored.

that's why i always root for the underdog.
why it breaks my heart to see malnourished children.
why things like violence make me angry.

 i was created to bring justice.
not solely to see and feel my heart break at how far we've come since Eden, but to have a hand in restoring the relationships with creation and with each other.
that's why the gospel is messy, it takes my reality of living in a broken world and casts the light of what once was. the world in which i was created to be.

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