Sunday, December 2, 2007

Friday's Rain

Something about Friday, November 30th made me extremely happy. I woke up, peeked my head out the window and saw that it was raining. Immediate reaction: I don't like being wet, and walking to class, you really can't avoid it in the rain.
Yet while walking to get tea in the morning before class, realizing I didn't have an umbrella and needed to buy one and finally starting the trek to class, I became really happy; joyful even.
Walking to class with a hum, a bounce in my step... I was extremely happy it was raining, itching to dance in it. I remembered about all the wildfires that have been occurring recently, and I remembered how lovely the rain was. It has been the driest year in the history of California, at least the driest one on record, so we needed a douse of water.
We had had a bonfire at UCLA the night before during the "Beat '$C Parade, Bonfire and Rally", so a fire the day after was more than appropriate. The rain looked more pretty, believe it or not, just because we needed it.
I am reminded more and more of the things around us, looking toward things I usually take for granted, taking time to really observe them and look at why they are special and why they are so important to us.

**So yes, UCLA lost against USC, 24-7. We are still proud to be Bruins at UCLA. :)**

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I decided to start at the beginning (at least where I feel my beginning has taken place), I read a lot, so I thought I'd do like great authors do: start at the beginning. I know not all stories start with an intro, some dive right in, but I thought I would.
I attend UCLA. A school that has taught me so much due to the classes I have taken, the people I have met, and the people that have continually stuck by my side throughout these past two years while I figure out what it is that I want out of life.
It is at UCLA that I have met a lot of really great friends, people I know that I will continually talk to for a long while and some that I know I will cease to talk to when I leave here. I'm okay with that, people leave imprints on your life regardless of how long they are in it, and it is the imprint that matters, what they contribute to your life; what they teach you and how you respond to it.
I have found my other family here also, I know people throw that around a lot, but I really do mean it (people throw that around too). I have come to trust, love and laugh with my family: InterVarsity Bruin Christian Fellowship. Thanks to these people I found what it is that I was looking for here, the piece of the puzzle that was missing: my community. I have learned countless things through these people, and God has answered prayer, questions and enhanced my life because of it.
That's it for now, just a little taste of who I am and the things that I value. More later.