Tuesday, April 13, 2010

you know that feeling?

that feeling where you finally get to tell that person everything you've been wanting to say?

that was saturday. Brother's Appreciation Night.

i knew that it'd be difficult to share the ways these men i call brothers mean to me, everything they've done for me and the rest of the women in our fellowship.
and by God's grace, it all came out.
i was able to share my story of redemption, love and the acceptance of my own beauty through these men.
God's grace has been able to rain down on me through the beautiful, amazing, crazy brothers i have in Christ.

and although we still struggle with not knowing what to say, having boundaries, and continuing to learn what it means to be vulnerable in order to have authentic relationships, i wouldn't trade this journey with them for another.

not solely because they make me laugh, hold my hand while i cry, or bring me medicine when i'm sick.
but because they are Jesus in so many shapes, sizes, colors, personalities, senses of humor and heights. they are the ones that reflect back to me so many things that i am always insecure of.
reminding me that i am fully loved, whether or not i make a joke that is worth laughing at, singing badly, or messed something up royally.

they love me just the same.
and because of that reflection of jesus' love...

i love my brothers.

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