Thursday, April 15, 2010

Love is waiting.

"I'm excited to date!" This is literally what I told my friend, E.
I think back on that moment and I'm slightly embarrassed. Yet the growing smile on my face is because I actually am really excited.

Something's coming. I can feel it.
I mean, a lot of things are. I'm transitioning out of college, learning what it means to be a good mentor and friend, struggling through insecurity and constant need for attention...
but this lingering feeling that I finally hit the cusp of something amazing...
that's there too.

You see, I've never been excited to date. To get to know another person to learn more about each other, about God and see if we're supposed to be in each other's lives forever as man and wife.
I am ready to trust, learn, serve and listen to what God has in this area. To do the same for a man that wants to do the same for me.

Through my friendships I've learned that the men and women in my life point and show me what God sees in me, the beauty within the mess, the leader when i feel small, the breathtaking view among the broken.
And I can't wait to reflect back to my friend and significant other just how much they are loved by the Father.

That's why I'm excited. 'Cause if the guys in my life right now are any indication of what's waiting, then there's some amazing potential out there.

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