Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dear Soldier,

  I'm thinking of you tonight. I think of you on most days. I think of you on cold nights, hoping you're having hot chocolate and staying indoors. On especially warm days I hope you're able to stay out of the sand that burns and seems to get into everything.
  I pray that you have a reason to smile, that you're laughing at least sporadically while you're in the mess hall and that letters are an abundant part of this deployment instead of few and far in between. I pray that your family's been able to send you a care package filled with small things that cause you and your platoon buddies to fight over who gets what.
  I pray that you're so bored that you're figuring out who to prank next; in whose bed you'll put a lizard in next, or other creative ways to mess with each other. I'll admit, the lizard prank is my favorite, I hope you have a camera handy.
  I'm thinking of what to send you next to remind you that we're thinking of you back home, to remind you that we love you and that you are very much missed. Until I do, a letter just will have to do.

Stay Safe,

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