Sunday, April 25, 2010

written words.

I've come to realize that I love the written word.
I love the fact that I can interact with different personalities, perspectives, and emotions within the words of blogs, books, articles or small quotes that appear in a fortune cookie.

Writers that are transparent, and who i read often have become friends. i laugh and excitedly wait until their next blog post, their next book. (when i finally get the book in the mail or buy it... it's an amazing day.)

Sarah Markley has become a hero to me. She is able to write with transparency, passion and truth. Her love of the word is strong, and her ability to transfer her emotions onto her writing space is incredible. She challenges me to make time to question. Question myself, why I do things, why I don't do things.

   One of the first blogs I read by Sarah was, "The REAL Real Me". It hit deep. It asked me consider the things I hide from others, and stirred that part of my soul that wants to be known by my friends.

   Sarah's a mother, a wife and as I jump into this new season of life (as I leave UCLA) Sarah's blog gives me a glimpse of what life as a mom and wife will soon be. The joys and trials of marriage, the beauty in raising daughters, all the while living a life full of hospitality, wonder and a much needed time of rest every day while walking with Jesus.
As I've learned more and more about myself as I read Sarah's blog, I have realized why I am addicted to the written word. She writes the way I desire to, like an open book. She gives her heart away to readers that she does not know, and she does so freely.

May my words one day reflect a heart (like Sarah's) that seeks after Jesus, seeks to be more like Him and challenges readers to do the same.

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