Tuesday, February 23, 2010

loved ones.

there are a few people that hold large parts of my heart.
they are the people i live for, people i often think of...
people that enhance my life.

the past 3 weeks, i've been focusing on the missing aspect of our friendships.
i miss a bunch of you, and i can't visit you because
you're on the other side of the country,
you're starting an internship,
you live on the other side of the planet,
you're busier than i am,
we haven't talked in a while.

getting to see my friends at birthday parties,
while visiting other campuses,
or randomly running into them,
it just makes me miss them that much more the next few days after the fact.

call it withdrawal.

yet it's amazing that i love them that much.
i ACTUALLY get mad at life sometimes because i miss them that much.

i seriously can't wait until we're all in the same place and get to laugh together.

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