Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DM 2010, among other things.

Dance Marathon was great! It was a time of dancing, interceding, bonding and endurance.
I wouldn't give up the experience.
Favorite moments:
-singing with Lady Danville: they're like old friends, and being able to sing along with them felt like a gift.
-IVBCF-Praying for a Cure: being able to intercede for dancers, ambassadors, and the camps was amazing. it was great to see the UCC out there praying with us... :)
-NSU Modern's performance: it made me want to dance again. i remembered sweating in the studio, being frustrated that i couldn't catch on to choreography fast enough...leading to being on stage dancing my heart out for 3 minutes. That, and, NSU was SICK!
-Power Hour! Being able to dance/jump with our team was AMAZING. we'd made it that far and were ready to be done... lesson learned, the body can endure much more than we think.

Special shout out to Andrew Tang, our Dancer Captain. The man is so thoughtful. I am so grateful that he came out to meet our team, danced with us repeatedly, made sure we were doing okay and gave us Valentines!! Andrew made my DM experience. :)

Other musings...
-i want to write, there's so much to say!
-future stuff: a lot to process. (Life will be very different next year).
-need to rest, spend time with jesus.
-do i want space? (oy...)

*it's late, i should sleep.

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