Thursday, February 11, 2010

My favorite photo.

I still consider this my favorite picture I took when I still had my camera. I think it's because it's Imperial Beach, the beach of the United States that is split between the US and Mexico. I love it because it has two men on horseback (I always secretly wanted to ride a horse) and because it's a beach.
 I love it because it was taken at Border Conscious 2008, a time when God was molding me into knowing who I was in regards to who He is. I remember this trip and learning what it meant to love the people in Mexico, loving my brothers and sisters crossing the border, and learning that part of my identity is wrapped up in that. I love it because it gives me a picture of what I want: a beach, a horse, a Stetson, and just peace as I wave to the ocean, passerby... as of now, this is my picture of freedom.

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