Tuesday, February 23, 2010

make a decision, already!

in trying to decide between Pomona-Pitzer and Irvine, I've run into one very accurate conclusion.
I'm indecisive.

Don't misunderstand, I'm not toying around with this decision like it's a light one. It's not.
It's just that the larger the decision seems to be, I wish it were out of my hands.
The reality is, I don't want to mess stuff up. I don't want to think that in two years I'll regret my decision.

S.Hop said that God calls us to the place where our abilities and desires meet. I'd end up at a place I'm excited to go, to lead. That was reassuring. I would love to go to a campus where I'm excited, whether it be for one thing (like leading Latino students) or the other (feeling like home when I stepped on).

The thing is, I didn't feel a crazy pull toward either one. I didn't feel like Irvine was home, like Pomona was home.
Probably because it's not. It's not UCLA.

However, there's something pretty amazing in that. There's a huge promise as I walk into this next season of life. A promise of growth, adventure, and a constant God who is always with me.

Sure this decision freaks me out, it's a huge decision to make single handedly...
but at the end of the day, a journey is a journey.
The road just looks differently than I thought.

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Helen Song said...


definitely will be praying for you in your decision-making process. life is definitely a journey about how you respond to the decisions you've made.

(exam on thursday. catch up with you soon!)