Friday, February 5, 2010

Helen Song

I miss her.

I want to talk with her, you know, in person.
Sit with her at Rendezvous like we would and share (actually not) Mexican dishes.
Watch her eat the tortilla chips and enjoy it thoroughly.

I miss her laugh with a snort at the end if it was something really funny.
And my giggle just because I would be thinking she was adorable.

I miss walking with her randomly and make a crack about how I wanted to hold her hand.
And then I would.
'Cause she'd let me. :)

I miss her most when I listen to Oren Lavie.
I think of her in DC, walking down the street enjoying life and realizing who she's meant to be.
Or walking down that path to discovery.

I miss her because she's Helen.
Helen Song.

i really hope this didn't embarrass you too much, Helen. <3

1 comment:

Helen Song said...

dearest sol,

thank you for your kind words. i miss you so(l) much. i miss our conversations and your warmth. when i see you, i am reminded that God is very present in our lives because i see His fingerprints all over yours, and that is encouraging. you are such a blessing in my life.

love, helen