Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some days I actually get a glimpse of
Feeling perfect goodness, grace, and mercy in every fiber of my
Ready to follow His whisper and what he has for me,
wherever He leads.

Everyday is the question,
what do you see in me?

The question of a little girl whose hand still reaches out
to see if Daddy will grasp it.
The need to know that you see me,
that you find my laugh gracious, that you see me as delightful.

Some days tears fall from my eyes because
I'd like to think that I'm a catch.
A woman who has grown into a mature, beautiful, courageous
woman of God.
Yet doubt lingers in my head, my heart, and demands more and more
of those I love, those who love me.

Everyday is the yearning to follow, to know,
to believe.
To suddenly feel Your hand already in mine, your eyes swelling with pride
as you see me.
And to hear you say,
"Doubt no more, you are mine,

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