Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blue Like Jazz, The Movie

If you've read Blue Like Jazz, or if you've talked to me about it, you probably know what I'm going to say:
I absolutely love this book.
I love it because it's a real attempt at questions of faith; delving into topics like worship, romance, money, love.
I fell in love with the author, Donald Miller (don't let it go to your head, Don) because of the authenticity of the book and his struggles as he's learned to trust God, learn more about His character, and more about people.
I loved it because as a soon-to-be 23 year old college kid, I could relate.
I've often thought about love, been rejected by it and wondered what it's purpose was, why God wanted us to live in community and why doing it the 'right' way was so important.

Blue Like Jazz allowed me to wonder, and analyze why I held certain assumptions about God, Christianity and where they came from.
And Don did it in a way that made me feel like we were sitting in a coffee shop, talking. And laughing, a lot.
And it's because of all of this that I have faith in Blue Like Jazz, The Movie. I believe that if a book can rock my life in such a way, a movie can do the same.
And the audience would be wider.
I often have dreamed of a way to share my journey with friends and complete strangers, and this just might be it.

So if you haven't already, even if you're just curious as to why you should still consider donating,
visit, the website. The deadline for donations is Monday, October 25th, donate today!

And if you're looking for another reason, if you do donate, I'll cook you dinner. :)

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