Friday, October 8, 2010

something very good.

as i walked to the bus stop on wilshire and westwood today (holla metro 720 to commerce center!),
i noticed my demeanor.
not rushing- if i have to wait another 3 minutes to cross the street that's okay.
peaceful- God, i may not know what you're doing. i'm okay with that.
joy- i'm perfectly joyful to be going home today. i now am at home. it's great!

i'm amazed at how God's schooling me as I re-entered back to school.
as i entered a new community (yeah, Shoreline!)
and as I strive to listen more and more to God's voice.
jesus, you are SO GOOD.

so yes, something good is brewing in me.
like a cup o' coffee.
something amazing, comforting, i can't wait to uncover more of this.
whatever it may be. :)

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