Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Surrounded by LOVE

It's been this week that I realize just how blessed I truly am.
Even as I go on Facebook, and I see comments that people leave for me, or just remember moments that we had in looking at uploaded pictures; my face breaks into a grin.
And I think about the love I have poured out, and yet how much I receive each and everyday.
I get calls, texts, emails and I just feel...overwhelmed.

I often tease my friend Jonathan about how cool he is. He just turns it on me, and says, "You're cool!" The truth is, I feel like that about all my friends, how could I be so fortunate as to have all of them in my life. The best part: they probably feel the same way about me.

As I walk on campus, I know that I am surrounded by love. It's everywhere. In hellos, in smiles and in the hugs I receive on my way to class...

How much love surrounds you?

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