Sunday, March 1, 2009

Losing Patience

Do you remember your childhood?
Nothing was impossible.

I remember finger painting, using chalk, drawing with nothing but a pencil and a pink eraser.
Art is not so easy anymore.
I remember middle school, using that chalk to draw a surreal landscape, and later drawing an avocado that I am proud of to this day.
What happened?
I pick up a pencil, and all I can see are the flaws within the piece I just created.
I get frustrated because of the inadequacy that I feel my ideas for new pieces are.

Somewhere progressing through life, we begin to lose confidence, begin to lose patience.
Not so suddenly, but as we go through, things become difficult, maybe even impossible.

I want to reclaim that sense of childhood when everything was possible and everything was a new adventure to try; something new. Fear was shot out the window. I want to go back to that.
I will be trying new medium of art, as well as try to play a little guitar.
I'm hoping that little girl is still within, daring me to defy fear.

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