Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our Responsibility

Growing up, I heard the discussion of Protestant community versus the Catholic community. Sadly, it seems like that war/critique hasn't dissipated. Christians are condemning Catholics, doing so openly in conversation.

Protestants believe that the Catholic community does not have a true experience of God, while the Catholic community believes that the Protestant community needs to take a more active role in living out their faith.

Being Protestant, I admit that I have tension when it comes to the Catholic tradition; however, I believe that my first priority is to lead those that are lost, those who do not know Jesus. I know some Catholic students who are very active in their faith and challenge me greatly in my own faith. On the flip side, I also know Catholic students who attend mass due to a cultural or familial obligation. BUT I do not believe it is my place to condemn ANYONE.

Regardless if we are Protestant or Catholic, it is our responsibility to reach and lead those who do not know Jesus to Him. It saddens me that the Protestant community has opted for condemnation within the Christian community rather than guide those who they believe do not know the "real" Jesus to His side.

It is our responsibility as a Christian community to lead those who are lost.

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