Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Songs of 2008

So these are all songs that resonated in my mind or my heart during the year 2008. I tend to write down song lyrics that speak to me, and these are the ones that I found written from January thru December of 2008.
  • Delicate-Damien Rice
  • The Closing of the Doors
  • Gentle Savior- David Phelps
  • Wonderful- Everclear
  • Lucky Star- Debbie Reynolds
  • Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol
  • First Cut Is the Deepest- Sheryl Crowe
  • Twist of Fate- U2
  • My Desire- Kirk Franklin
  • "God Who Answers Prayer", Psalm 65
  • Who Am I?- Point of Grace
  • When You Believe- Prince of Egypt
  • When Love Takes You In- Steven Curtis Chapman
  • Moment Made for Worshipping- Steven Curtis Chapman
  • Unify Us, Purify Us
  • You Said
  • Blessed Be Your Name
  • None, But Jesus
  • Let Go- Grey Holiday
  • I Will Follow You
  • Temprano yo te buscare
  • Cry In My Heart- Starfield
  • Everlasting- Hillsong
  • You Dance Over Me
  • The More I Seek You
  • Just Want You Around- Lauryn Hill
  • Broken- Lifehouse
  • Learning to Breathe- Switchfoot
  • You- Switchfoot
  • This is Home- Switchfoot
  • Wait for Me- Rebecca St. James
  • Coming Home- John Legend
  • Hold You in My Arms- Ray LaMontagne

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